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Our Mission:


Life is heavy. Over 18-24 months The Lioheart Home is purposed to give disadvantaged young men the opportunity to be mentored into bearing the HEFT of life and launched into adulthood and society with the greatest possibility of success. By slowly and carefully lowering the HEFT of life onto their shoulders, young men can then be launched without the weight crushing them.



•How to find an Apartment and Furnishings.
•How to do basic Carpentry, Plumbing and Electrical repairs.
•How to pay rent, utilities and insurances.


•How to look for employment and

get interviewed.
•How to interview and get hired.
•How to succeed in the workplace.


•How to budget wages.
•How to open and maintain a bank account.
•How to prepare for future expenses.
•How to avoid debts and understand credit.


•How to purchase transportation and insurance.
•How to maintain transportation.
•How to budget for transportation costs, maintenance and insurances.

A home of warmth. A way of life. The wings to the future.

Program at

a Glance

1. We will give them complete housing and boarding for 18-24 Months.
​2. We will provide job opportunities, transportation to work, and any necessary clothing to be employed.
3. We will require employment, household chores, life skill classes, and spiritual mentoring. 
4. We will require a Savings Reward Program that lowers the weight of real world expenses onto their shoulders over the 18-24 months. This Savings Reward Program will be their launch fund when they are fully prepared for independence. That savings will result in $4,000-$7,500 being available to obtain housing, furnishings and transportation to start an independent life. 
​5. We will provide basic home furnishings and a toolbox for each young man as a reward for completing the program. They may take their bedroom furnishings with them. They will be shown how to use basic tools for basic home and auto use. These tools will accumulate in a toolbox we will provide that will be their's to take upon independence.

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