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Men on Beach

Our Story


A Home of Warmth


A Way of Life


A Path to Win

Imagine being dumped on the street knowing nothing of finding and maintaining your own housing, getting and keeping employment, managing personal finances or buying and caring for transportation. Imagine your only crime is turning 18. It happens more than we would think.
Where can you find help today?
Without addictions, mental health issues or trouble with the law the waiting list for housing from government resources can be six months or more. Six months with no where to go and unprepared for life. A struggle everyday for a place to sleep, eat, and call home. 
Who will step in and finish mentoring these young men into adulthood?
Who will step in and break the cycle of poverty and dependence?

The Lionheart Program was born for young men just like this, that we saw needed someone to finish raising them up. 

Our promises to your community...
  1. The Lionheart Home seeks to keep a safe community and become a valued and model asset to society.

  2. ​The Lionheart Home strongly believes in not duplicating services already offered in our county. 

  3. ​The Lionheart Home is not a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program and will not admit men with addiction issues.

  4. The Lionheart Home is not a program for released prisoners on probation and will not accept criminals or sexual offenders.

  5. We will have a Resident Director living in the home to maintain good order and community standing. Residents will be required to follow a code of conduct to remain in the program. 

  6. ​We will need the assistance of our community for mentoring, employment, educating and giving to support our efforts.

  7. ​We will have a priority of admission to former Door program teenagers and to Blair County foster children who age out of care without a place to live.


The Lionheart Home in your community is a GIFT. 

There is no fear when you recognize the gift.

We Need Your Support Today!

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